The study recruitment in Davangere, India is overseen by the faculty at KLE University’s JN Medical College. This study is being conducted in three mid-level hospitals in a neighboring community (Davangere), located in Central Karnataka in South India.

In Davangere, the 3 hospitals include both public and private services, cover the catchment area and reflect the population of the Karnataka region of India. All facilities have access to X-ray and ultrasound equipment and personnel are trained to use the equipment. For select tests such as blood cultures, the Central laboratory at the medical college hospital is being utilized.

The India research team is led by Dr. Sangappa Dhaded, a neonatologist, with support from Dr. Shivaprasad Goudar, who provides oversight for the study. The day-to-day recruitment at the participating hospitals in Davangere are overseen by Dr Guruprasad, J.J. M. Medical College. With extensive experience in PCR testing, this testing will be performed at the KLE University facilities. The testing at the KLE University is overseen by Dr. Mahantesh Nagamoti, Professor of Microbiology, KLE University.


Our collaborators at Aga Khan University (AKU) in Karachi, Pakistan, have a long history in community and pregnancy outcome research. Dr. Sarah Saleem of the Department of Community Health Sciences, AKU, who is the site PI, and is supported by a team including Dr. Haleema Yasmin, Head of Department OBGYN, Jinnah Post-graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) and Dr. Jamal Raza, Director, National Institute of Child Health (NICH) and Dr. Shabina Ariff, a neonatologist who is based at the Department of Pediatrics (AKU), and who has longstanding collaboration at one of the proposed hospitals, JPMC, where much of the study is conducted. Dr. Shiyam Sunder, Department of Community Health Sciences, also oversees the overall coordination of the study implementation.

For the study, women are enrolled at JPMC and then follow those preterm infants who are admitted to the NICU at the National Children’s Hospital, which is affiliated with JPMC hospital and serves a wide range of the population for advanced care of neonates in Karachi. In addition to these hospitals, participants may be enrolled at the AKU hospital. Across these 3 hospitals, it is anticipated that approximately 500 preterm neonatal deaths and more than 1,000 stillbirths will be available annually.

The staff at each of the proposed hospitals also have a good working relationship with the AKU faculty, who perform the more advanced pathogen analyses and provide additional training at the hospitals for the study as needed. Specifically, the PCR testing is conducted at AKU and overseen by Dr. Afia Zafar, Chair Department of Pathology and Laboratory medicine. Dr. Imran Ahmed oversees the day-to-day microbiology especially GBS, VDRL, CSF and blood cultures, Dr. Najia Ghanchi oversees PCR and Dr. Zeeshan Uddin performs histopathology.